a picture gift


This polaroid-style (actually fuji instax) photo of a man and woman was handed to me by a very tall man dancer at the pina bausch dance company performance on halloween night! Apologies for the crappy phone picture of the photo. I think  he chose me because I was sitting with my feet up on my chair and my knees in front of my face and perhaps that struck him as odd because well, who the hell sits like that at the theater ha ha. The photo evokes a couple of things for me–first it brings to mind photos of models at a “go-see”, where a designer is just shuffling through dozens of these polaroided women–just the way that they are staring directly into the camera and looking so poised. They could also be people at a fancy party, like something given at an embassy somewhere except for the lighting in the picture is so dim that it really couldn’t be and is instead on the creepy side. The image is otherworldly, like a photo that you found on the street and couldn’t even start to imagine how it came to be. An artifact of a ritual that makes sense only in a real specific reality.


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