Chris Rock’s new movie was terrible.


I went to see the movie Top Five on new year’s day, hoping for a real treat to start 2015 right! Based on the overwhelmingly glowing reviews on rotten tomatoes and the pretty awesome interviews that Rock’s been giving lately, I was pretty excited to watch what I thought was going to be a smart, a bit socially-conscious and sure, crass (it’s Rock after all) comedy movie. Well…what can I say except that so far 2015 is not looking that great from where I sit.

So many things were messed up about this movie. The total impression that I took away was that the movie was really more at the outline stage when they decided to make it—so many things just happened out of nowhere with barely any context or background information. Its as if they were trying to hit all their marks as fast as possible! There was really no evidence of any kind of art to the movie at all. It’s really like Chris Rock made this movie entirely by himself, with minimal input from anyone else that might’ve actually helped him to develop it into something watchable!

I felt really embarrassed for everyone in the movie, especially the black characters who I feel were given very stereotypical, and crudely drawn roles to play. Actually, just thinking about it, I have to say that I was pretty offended just as a human being about how shitty almost every person’s role was in this movie, whatever their race or gender. Everyone’s character was corny, lame, carelessly crafted. The whole story about Rosario Dawson’s white boyfriend who was painted as a disgusting and pathetic character because he enjoyed “butt stuff” and was fooling around with another guy (infidelity is not ok, however) was clearly homophobic and just so dumb and awful. Dawson’s character had some “quirky” twists and turns to her, but she was really just a hot-looking device for Rock to ramble on and on to who had very little to say herself. The character played by Rock, I guess an aging, rich comedian dude analogous to himself, was a mostly unsympathetic jerk and a lot of the movie was about how super hard it is for him to be a “successful” dude…I mean give me a fuckin’ break.

This movie was just not funny. This was a not-funny comedy movie and that in the end is its biggest crime.


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